Yes, Miranda Kerr Dresses Like This to Workout (Photos)

Miranda Kerr and Her Gym Outfit

I don’t know about you, but when I go to work out (that is when I even get the chance to – which is rare), I wear a big bulky T-shirt and sweatpants. Miranda Kerr? She wears a skin tight outfit featuring a sheer black top and a hot red bra. But she can do that. She’s famed Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Frickin’ Kerr.

The mom was spotted at a LA gym, going to work out in her sexy gym get-up. But she was meeting a very special workout partner. Her hubby Orlando Bloom. Also that day she was sported in shorts and a bring springtime top going to get a tan and to pick up a little this and that.

Check out Miranda’s gym and errand style right here!

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    Miranda Kerr
    Miranda Kerr wears a very low-cut top to work out.
  • Spandex 2 of 6
    And her outfit was skin hugging spandex.
  • Workout 3 of 6
    She really dolled up for her workout!
  • Orlando Bloom 4 of 6
    Orlando Bloom
    Her hubby Orlando Bloom leaving the work out session, donning a motorcycle helmet.
  • Tanned 5 of 6
    Miranda also went to a tanning salon to get a sun- kissed look.
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    She looks fabulous doing whatever she does doesn't she?