Yes, Sofia Vergara's Leopard Louboutins Cost $2395! (Photos)

'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara

How much would you pay for a pair of high heels? A pair of candy red, lace and leopard print heels – not ones that you could wear every day. These are statement shoes that would probably only come out of the closet every blue moon. $50? $100? Maybe $200? How about $2395? Yes, over two grand.

Personally I couldn’t and wouldn’t pay that much for a pair of high heels. But then again, I’m not a totally glamorous, stylish, and successful TV star like Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. It is her duty to buy shoes like the Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Ankle Boots by Christian Louboutin, so that we can all be in awe of her in a mix of envy and admiration. And personally, I’m just impressed she can walk in them! They are so, so high (although it looked like she was having some trouble.

Check out more photos of Sofia Vergara’s pricey Louboutins right here!

  • A Little Help! 1 of 5
    A Little Help!
    Sofia Vergara's fiance Nick Loeb helps her over the curb, a difficult feat in these shoes!
  • Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Ankle Boots 2 of 5
    Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Ankle Boots
    Interested in your own pair? You can check them out right here for $2395.
    Photo Source: Saks Fifth Ave.
  • All in Black 3 of 5
    All in Black
    The Louboutins were the standout piece of her outfit, the rest of it was all basic black.
  • All Smiles 4 of 5
    All Smiles
    Sofia was all smiles while driving away with her fiance.
  • A Wave 5 of 5
    A Wave
    Sofia gives a wave while departing her date night, looking fabulous as always.



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