Yes, There is a Blog Dedicated to Suri Cruises Style

A Suri Cruise Blog?

How many five-year-olds have a blog dedicated to their style and fashion sense? My guess? Not many. There may be the occasion ode to preschool primping and preening but those are generally generated by the parental units. But this blog isn’t by a mom or dad but rather a random admirer, it is a blog dedicated to the style and fashion of the one and only Suri Cruise.

The Suri Cruise Fashion  Blog was started three years ago by someone who goes by the name of “Stardust.” It chronicles what Suri has worn while out and about with her folks, along with info on where to get the items that Suri has worn from Burberry to Baby Gap.  It is frequently updated and keeps close tabs on this mini-fashionista, and if you have your own child sized clothes horse at home, now she can keep up with Suri’s of the world, that is if you have the kind of clothing budget that Suri has!

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