"Yes, Viriginia" Christmas Special with Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Watch the animated special "Yes, Virginia" tonight

Tonight’s “Yes, Virginia” brings new life to the classic story of the little girl who questions Santa’s existence.  In this version, it’s an animated special for a new generation of children.

Airing tonight on CBS at 8/7c, this is the retelling of Virginia who gets told by a school bully that there isn’t a Santa Claus.  Not wanting to believe her and not sure about the answers she gets from the adults she asks, the eight year-old writes a letter to the New York Sun paper to find out the truth about Santa.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Love Hewitt provide the voices to Virginia’s parents.  Alfred Molina is the voice of the grumpy editor who receives Virginia’s letter.

He, of course, ultimately gives her the answer that “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!” a response that is sure to remind us of the Christmas spirit.

While I don’t want my youngest children to even begin to question Santa’s existence, this is perfect to watch with my oldest who is starting to doubt that Santa Claus is real. Will you watch with your children?