Yesha Callahan - The Single Mom That Caused a Congressional Scandal

yesha callahan
Chris Lee's Craigslist Trist with Yesa Callahan

Who is Yesha Callahan?  She’s the single mom who brought down a congressman and caused a nationwide scandal. 

Yesha Callahan is a 34-year-old faculty specialist for the University of Maryland.  More importantly, she is the single mother of a preteen son who came forward with her series of emails with the married congressman to help make other women aware of the risks of online dating. 

“I assumed that other people have probably come across him as well, and he had lied to them,” Yesha Callaghan tells the Washington Post. “I felt annoyance at just the audacity of people thinking that they’re not going to get found out when they are lying.”

For Congressman Chris Lee the now famous shirtless photos and emails have cost his his job and left him hanging his head in shame.

What do you think of Yesha Callaghan’s decision to out the Congressman online?

Photo: Gawker

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