"You Don't Get Bad Press When Youre Holding a Baby."


Spurred on by the 50th anniversary of the birth-control pill, The New York Observer devotes its entire baby-pink cover this week to “Babies, Babies, Babies!” Most pertinently, they ask how it’s happened, after the feminist post-pill wave, that these days so many hipsters and Hollywood celebrities are all about procreating. The juiciest Hollywood analysis comes from Fear of Flying author Erica Jong:

“There is a whole pop-culture trend towards maternity. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having six, seven, whatever. Jennifer Lopez having twins, Nadya Suleman having a whole bunch and then eight more. Babies, babies, babies. You can always make the cover of a magazine if you have a baby. Even I, who got these hideous attacks for leading women down the garden path to embrace their sexuality, when I had a baby in my arms, my press changed. First I was the happy hooker of literature—then I turned into Mother Theresa. You don’t get bad press when you’re holding a baby.”

What are your thoughts on this? She’s not saying that celebs are having kids simply to get good press, but rather that mommyhood has become a near-guarantee of good, and extremely extensive, coverage. Think about it: The celeb magazines (People, Us, Ok!) bid millions of dollars for every new photo of an A-Listers and her newborn. There’s virtually no other photo that editors pay that much for.

ART: Drew Friedman for the NY Observer