The Duggars – Parents Of The Year


jim-bob-and-michelle-duggarWell look at this, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar won a parenting award, and it wasn’t for having the most kids or being crazy. I say that because I would be crazy if I had 19 kids, wouldn’t you?

They won the 2009 award for Parents of the Year.

“Their highly organized household centers around spiritual principles and is obviously filled with huge amounts of love, grace, joy and mutual respect.”

I really just want to know how they live debt free.

Congratulations to the Duggar parents. They are being honored for their high standards and their quality of parenting, according to National Parents’ Day Council.

I bet their neighbors never hear them yell at their kids. Maybe that’s why they built their house so far from the next house. They didn’t want to be embarrassed, by the yelling. Not like I know from personal experience or anything.