You'll Never Guess What Pregnant Snooki Calls Her Fetus


After confirming the worst kept secret in the world – she’s pregnant – Snooki has announced the name she has given her fetus.

If you guessed meatball you would be wrong.  Funny, but wrong.

If you guessed some derivation of the world guido or guidette you would also be wrong.

However, if you guessed something to do with GTL you would be right!

Snooki and boyfriend Jionni Lavalle call their little bean…

Shortntan.  Yes folks, Shortntan.

As PEOPLE reports, Snooki’s fiancé, Jionni LaValle, took to Twitter to share their excitement over the baby.  “Nicole and I are real excited!! Our baby is going to be #ShortnTan.”

Yes, just what every pregnant mother most hopes for – a short and tan baby.  And, as FameCrawler previously reported, LaValle, who started dating Snooks over a year ago told all the haters they can suck it.

“All u jealous, disrespectful haters out there, u see what u wana see on TV!” LaValle tweeted. “My fiancé and I n JR are going to be so happy! #youllgeturs”