Young Hollywood's Tattoo Obsession – Gone Too Far?


RihannaRihanna has some new body art to show off, adding to her already large ‘body’ of work. The music star was seen with a new tattoo that reads, ‘rebelle fleur’ on her neck, meaning ‘rebellious flower’. Although with most of young Hollywood hitting the tattoo parlour as often as the gym, there doesn’t seem to be too much ‘rebellious’ about it! This definitely isn’t something new for Rihanna, who back in January revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she then had “approximately 13″ tattoos. And Riri’s not the only young Hollywood player who seems to enjoy getting inked.

Justin BieberBritney Spears TattooLindsay lohan TattooMegan Fox TattooBritney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Pink and even Justin Bieber are all members of the tattoo club, but is this just a fad? Are these stars going to regret their ink as they get older? These aren’t just little tattoos hidden in the smalls of their backs either some of these people have large tattoos across their arms, and now, their necks!

Prior to serving her jail sentence, Lindsay Lohan can be seen sporting the outline of a new tattoo of ‘an innocent little angel girl’ on the inside of her upper arm.  Pop star Pink has tattoos across her entire body, which looks great now that she is young and fit, but I wonder if she will still like them when she is older and gravity starts to take its toll?

I’m not against tattoos, I have one myself, but I wonder if young Hollywood is taking this tattoo craze a little too far? Do you think these stars are going to regret their body art when they’re older?

Source: USMagazine