Young Justice Episode 4 Recap: Bane Challenges Our Heroes!

young justice episode 4 young justice drop zone
Young Justice episode 4: What did you and the kids think of Drop Zone?

I like shows that I can watch with my kids without cringing or, let’s face it, wanting to claw my eyes out (I’m looking at you, “Hannah Montana”). So I’m loving Cartoon Network’s “Young Justice,” which has the superhero mythos for kids (of a certain age it’s kinda dark) and plots engaging enough for adults. Read on for “Young Justice” Episode 4 video and a short recap.

In “Young Justice” episode 4, our heroes are sent on their first official assignment, a covert mission to Santa Prisca. But when they get there, they’re confronted by two supervillains, Kobra and Bane (my son’s personal favorite) who are fighting each other.

Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian and Kid Flash work together to outsmart the villains, earning reluctant kudos from Batman. Below is a clip from “Young Justice: Drop Zone.”

Who is your child’s favorite superhero? Is he or she in this show?