Youre Welcome: David Beckhams H&M Billboard Ads (Photos)

Hello, Daddy

Never did I think I would see the day of David Beckham advertised for $14.95. And in his undies.

America’s favorite adopted son is displayed in all his fabulous glory in his H&M ad in one of the most beautiful billboard displays we’ve ever seen in Los Angeles.

According to the father-of-four, there’s no shame in his family for his latest ad campaign as he says that his three sons are even proud of him and his underwear ads.

Even though his sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz did give him “a little flack” for the ads, he explains, “They’re very proud of it. There’s daddy in underpants on big billboards.”

David also says adds now that his boys are getting older, he also wants them to appreciate their famous parents and the career choices they make.

Check out our photos of David and tell us, do you appreciate this career choice of his?

  • David Beckham 1 of 3
    David Beckham
    If you are sitting at Mel's Diner on Sunset Boulevard for lunch or dinner, David Beckham is serving Franks and Beans across the street .
  • Hello, Daddy 2 of 3
    Hello, Daddy
    David Beckham is pictured in his underwear on the new David Beckham for Bodywear H&M billboard advert on Sunset Boulevard.
  • Good Taste? 3 of 3
    Good Taste?
    What do you think of his ad?





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