Celeb Moms Biggest Talk Show Confessions

  • Nicole Kidman: My kids are embarrassed by me. 1 of 23
    In this funny clip (skip to 3:30), Nicole Kidman tells Ellen Degeneres that even though she and Tom Cruise are big movie stars, they still embarrass their kids. Find out what Nicole did that totally mortified her daughter, Isabella.
  • Tiny Fey: “When she grows up, my daughter wants to be a…” 2 of 23
    You’ll crack up! Here, funny gal Tina Fey tells a hilarious story about asking her daughter, Alice, what she wants to be when she grows up (1:50).
  • Sarah Palin: “I let my daughter down.” 3 of 23
    Whether you like her or not, you can’t help but feel for Sarah Palin at 3:00, when she confides that she wished she had talked more openly about birth control to daughter, Bristol, who became
    pregnant at 17.
  • Kelly Ripa: My little boys prefer sweats over suits. 4 of 23
    Regis's partner shares a hysterical tale about how her three-child brood is preparing to be part of a wedding party (go to :17 for the start of the story). No surprise — little boys don’t like dressing up in penguin suits any more than their dads do.
  • Madonna: My daughter raids my closet. 5 of 23
    The original Material Girl recently teamed up on a new fashion line (also called Material Girl) with her daughter, Lourdes. Here she talks about the importance of giving children real responsibility — and why Lourdes can’t keep her hands off of Mom’s clothes. And with a closet like Madonna’s, we don’t blame her!
  • Nicole Richie: “My daughter is a daddys girl.” 6 of 23
    Nicole Richie doesn’t seem jealous that daughter, Harlow, has Joel Madden wrapped around her little finger. In the beginning of this Larry King clip, she gladly takes backseat to her darling child.
  • Reese Witherspoon: “My kids keep me grounded.” 7 of 23
    There’s nothing like a kid to bring you back to earth! When Reese Witherspoon tells daughter, Ava, that she won an Oscar, little does Reese know her daughter has her own (much more important) announcement! Speed through to 2:40 to see what it is!
  • Michelle Duggar: “I have weird pregnancy cravings.” 8 of 23
    Professional mom Michelle Duggar shares her pregnancy secrets, from her strange cravings at :28 to her favorite morning sickness meals at 1:30!
  • Jennifer Garner: “My daughter is super-messy.” 9 of 23
    Jennifer Garner’s daughter, Violet, always looks like a perfectly behaved little girl. Good to know even she’s capable of creating mega-messes when Mom turns her back (go to 1:20 to hear what the trouble-making four-year-old did!).
  • Bethenny Frankel: “I’m not momorexic.” 10 of 23
    This clip of Bethenny’s trip to The View makes us glad that the whole world isn’t watching our post-baby waistlines.
  • Kyra Sedgwick: “I’m an empty-nester.” 11 of 23
    On the same show, Kyra Sedgwick tells the ladies that she feels like she’s been fired from her job as mom. Find out why!
  • Naomi Watts: “I feel like a cow.” 12 of 23
    Naomi Watts tells David Letterman about breastfeeding two kids under two and losing 75 percent of her brain power, which she calls a “lactose lobotomy.”
  • Marcia Cross: “Breastfeeding is not sexy.” 13 of 23
    The Desperate Housewives star describes breastfeeding twins — and not feeling at all like her
    usual self.
  • Ali Larter: Im having a! 14 of 23
    A pregnant Ali Larter finds an, ahem, interesting way to tell Jimmy Fallon her baby’s gender.
  • Christina Aguilera: “Being a mom makes me feel sexy.” 15 of 23
    No question, Christina Aguilera is one hot mom. She reveals to Oprah why having her son, Max, made her feel better about her body than ever. (Skip to 1:55).
  • Jennifer Hudson: “I got healthy for my son.” 16 of 23
    In this Good Morning America clip, new mom Jennifer Hudson tells how she got healthy for herself and for her young son (1:45). Then, go to 3:45 to watch the singer tell a hilarious story about why little David thinks he’s a dog.
  • Kate Hudson: “I can give the ‘Mom look’ as well asmy own mom.” 17 of 23

    Actress Kate Hudson tells Rachael Ray about giving son, Ryder, the you’re-in-trouble stare at 2:30. And don't miss an even more adorable anecdote at 3:30.
  • Michelle Obama: “My kids are huge JoBros fans.” 18 of 23
    Michelle Obama also visited the Ellen show after her husband secured the Democratic presidential nomination. At 3:25, she talks about why sleepovers and the Jonas Brothers take precedence over politics in her daughters’ lives.
  • Heidi Klum: “I put my husband to work! 19 of 23
    Heidi Klum explains to Jimmy Kimmel that when husband, Seal, got back from a three-week tour, she put him straight to baby duty, while she got some well-deserved shuteye.
  • Ashlee Simpson: “Pete supports me as a working mom.” 20 of 23
    In this Today Show clip, Ashlee Simpson talks about her young family (starting at 2:15) and relationship with hubby, Pete Wentz. Jessica’s younger sister has graciously grown up and seems like any other working mom you’d meet on the playground or at school pick-up.
  • Sheryl Crow: “I beat cancer and found my family.” 21 of 23
    In this touching clip, Sheryl Crow talks to her volleyball star pal, Gabrielle Reece, about adopting and finding her true family after beating cancer.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: “I named my baby Apple because…” 22 of 23
    In this clip from British television, Gwyneth Paltrow candidly explains how she and Chris Martin came up with the unusual name for their first born.
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