Yup, Beyonce Is Still Pregnant! Big Belly Bump Sighting in NYC


As we all have since figured out, Beyonce did not give birth to her baby yet. Her and Jay-Z’s bundle of joy is still residing her belly, her very big round belly!

Where was she spotted and how soon will she be giving birth?

Beyonce was seen in New York City leaving a office building. She wore a very colorful large scarf over her baby bump, which she stroked as she walked. And she’s finally taking a break from her four-inch heels. The very pregnant Beyonce wore a pair of low kitten heels instead. A wise choice.  Beyonce really looks like she’s ready to give birth any day. But it looks like she may still have a little bit of time to go, perhaps being ready in early February.

You can check out photos of the newest Beyonce sighting right here!