Zach Braff is NOT Dead! (UPDATED!)


scrubs-braff-death-zach-rumor-cnn-fakeSeriously? Who does this?

Everyone relax, Zach Braff is not dead.

Apparently someone took the time, and I assume it wasn’t easy, to create a fake CNN page that reported actor/writer/director/allaroundgoodguy Zach Braff had committed suicide.  They cited police and made everything look all sorts of official.

Zach Braff is not dead.

First it was… hell, I don’t know, Paul McCartney? Jeff Goldblum? Every time I go on Twitter or these here interwebs, which is often, someone is reporting that a celebrity has died and more often than not it’s a lie.  Why?  What can someone have to gain from such crap?

That said, I’m glad that Zach Braff is alive and well, and even though he’s not a parent in real life (yet?) he did a fine job of daddying on Scrubs and he’s earned his spot on ye ole FameCrawler’s wall of honorable mention.

UPDATE: Zach has updated his Facebook status, so obviously he’s alive! Here’s what he said: “Hi. I’m very much alive. Total internet rumor. Amazing how fast one douche can spread a lie. Be careful out there on the internets friends. Please spread the word… Video of me holding todays paper to follow… Love, zb”


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