Zach Braff Updates Status to ALIVE (Video) and Gets Apology


zach_braff_alive_death_dead_video_donald_faisonNot only did Zach Braff NOT DIE.  He Goldblumed-up and addressed the issue with the best medicine out there: laughter.  Also, he’s still on Scrubs?

Zach first updated his Facebook status, but apparently he did not get enough “likes” to really feel appreciated, so he had to go death-denying 2.0 and bring in the big guns, namely video, Oprah and Dr. Turk.

Here is Zach Braff and his special guest setting the record straight:

In the meantime, the “douchebag” that started this all, circa 2007, swears he is, in fact, not a douchebag.  So there’s that.

According to the prankster:

Zach, sorry if you got offended by me posting a fake suicide about you on the internet. Your 32,000 square foot house would be pretty empty without you. Thanks for (apparently) taking it lightly, since I haven’t gotten a letter about a lawsuit yet. Just so you know, I’m a huge fan; that’s the only reason I made this page, believe it or not. Also, sorry for upsetting your mother :(

I think that somebody needs a hug and I think that somebody is me.  R & B that up.