Zahra Baker Closer To Being Found

Zahra Baker
Zahra Baker May Be Found Soon

The likelihood of Zahra Baker being found soon is much more feasible after new evidence has recently surfaced regarding her disappearance.

A mattress was found in the Foothills Environmental Landfill that police believe may have belonged to Zahra Baker. A local woman noticed a bad smell near the area and employees alerted police after they found the mattress. Police believe that Zhara Baker is deceased.

The mattress will be tested for Zahra’s DNA. Her stepmother, Elisa Baker, and father, Adam Baker, are currently in police custody. Since they reported her missing on October 9th, it has been speculated that Elise Baker had something to do with her disappearance. She has been charged with obstruction of justice after she wrote a false ransom note for little Zahra.

Elisa Baker and Adam Baker remain suspects in Zahra’s disappearance. Hopefully the location of the mattress will result in Zahra Baker finally being found.