Zenyatta Loses Breeders Cup: Still One Powerful "Woman"

zenyatta breeders cup
Zenyatta Loses Breeders Cup But Is Still A Winner

Zenyatta lost the Breeders Cup today by mere inches, but that doesn’t mean that the horse is any less important.  Zenyatta was even named one of the most powerful females in America by Oprah before the Breeders Cup took place. The Breeders Cup was the first race that Zenyatta ever lost.

Despite her loss, Zenyatta is still has an incredible story for the whole family to find inspiration in. Zenyatta’s jockey, Mike Smith, even said, “It’s as if you’re in a Ferrari on the freeway…And everyone else just isn’t.”

Zenyatta’s owner, Jerry Moss, and his wife bought her at an incredibly low price because she suffered from ring worm. She was named for the album recorded by The Police, Zenyatta Mondatta.

This powerful horse is even social media savvy, with a Twitter account of her own, and a Facebook following of over 30,000 fans.

Zenyatta may not have won the Breeders Cup, but she is definitely a winner!


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