Zoe Ball Eases back Into Shape


Zoe Ball, Radio 2 presenter, is a relatively new mum and is in no hurry to drop the baby weight. She even went so far as to laugh at the suggestion.

Sure, Zoe is making an effort to be healthy and is jogging with a trainer, but that’s standard for everyone right after giving birth, right?
She said, ‘I’m never going to be a tiny thing like Tess Daly and ping back into shape, and I’m not going to be posing in my underwear in a magazine.”

‘I’m big with hips and thighs and just want to eat healthily so I feel good and have lots of energy.’

‘Because of my Caesarean scar I have to be careful for a few months, so I just took Nelly for walks in her pram at first.”

‘Two weeks ago I started doing cardio work with a personal trainer three times a week, but I have to zip up my tracksuit top as my big boobs bounce everywhere and my belly hangs out under my T-shirt.”

If she’s breastfeeding she’s going to have that problem for a while.

I like that some celebrity moms are actually taking the time to be a good example for others. The Hollywood moms that bounce back in to shape just perpetuate the “perfect body” myth.


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