Cassandra Barry

Cassandra Barry is sometimes known for playing the role of "my lovely wife" in Joel Stein's columns for Time magazine and other publications. His story in which she ate her own placenta in pill form is the one she's most often asked about. Her son, Laszlo, is in preschool. After several years in New York City, she loves living in Los Angeles, where she works as a textile designer. She finds it weird to write about herself in the third person like this.

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What's so great about Joel, Laz? He's not even around that much. Oh... I think I'm starting to get it.
Come on... Don't you want to "make the trains talk" with this little cutie?
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My mother in law's neighborhood had it easy and it still looks pretty bad.
MIDGE DOLL. My parents didn't believe in spoiling me with permissive parenting... Or with cool, modern toys.
My husband was deemed "gifted" as a child and he can't put our son's shoes on the right feet.
My child is an artistic genius! His talent needs to be fostered! Or, he should at least be doing "Trucks and Cars" related work, if that's the class we paid for, right?
Kids are so cute when their brains are being turned to mush! (Laszlo, sick, May 2011)
Laszlo getting his nails did.
Note my blonde hair, pale skin, and strange expression on my face. Yep. Just like Laszlo.