10 Cool Cardboard Projects to Make For Your Kids


10 Cool Cardboard Projects to Make For Your Kids

My friends, I have found one of the most awesome sites on the face of the planet: Ikatbag. In particular, I love Lier’s cardboard projects. She’s the mother of three children and is constantly making them fun play items using recycled materials. I hope to be that kind of mother when I eventually have children. Also, she is totally supporting my theory that a kid would rather play with the box something comes in than the toy itself . . . and it’s so awesome when the box becomes the toy. Click through the slideshow to view ten awesome cardboard creations from Lier!

  • Barbie House 1 of 10
    Barbie House
    This brilliant doll house has a working elevator and even lights up at night!
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Travel Set 2 of 10
    Travel Set
    If you're ready to travel, just make a cardboard suitcase - then add a paper passport to match.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Go Go Scooter 3 of 10
    Go Go Scooter
    Not only did she construct this scooter, but she make a few cars, a car wash and working gas pumps that accept credit cards!
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Old Fashioned Phone 4 of 10
    Old Fashioned Phone
    I love that the rotary on this phone was created using an old cheese box.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Tiffin Carrier 5 of 10
    Tiffin Carrier
    This is one of my favorite cardboard projects from Ikatbag - a tiffin carrier with a working holder . . . and the lids come off!
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Acoustic Guitar 6 of 10
    Acoustic Guitar
    I think my favorite part of this guitar is the rubber band strings.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Tree Village 7 of 10
    Tree Village
    Need a place for your fairies to go? How about this tree village.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Bunk Beds 8 of 10
    Bunk Beds
    Lorraine constructed these doll bunk beds with a cool craft stick ladder.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Mail Call 9 of 10
    Mail Call
    Kids will love playing mailman (or woman) with this authentic looking drop box and two smaller mailboxes.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag
  • Princess Boat 10 of 10
    Princess Boat
    I love the details included on these boats, including the decorative masts.
    Get the how-to at Ikatbag

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