10 DIY Blogs You Should be Reading


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New series time! I’m going to start highlighting some of my favorite blogs that fit a specific genre and hope that you find some new happy reads along the way. While I of course could feature really big sites like Design Sponge in nearly every post of this series, the blogs I’m choosing to highlight are hopefully some that will be fresh to you mixed in with some you may already love. First up, ten blogs that will inspire you to do it yourself!

  • Hank and Hunt 1 of 10
    Hank and Hunt
    I definitely have a girl crush on Jenny. Her projects are party based and always delightful.
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  • Ardor 2 of 10
    Kersey's creative energy is contagious while reading her blog. She's always coming up with something new.
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  • A Daily Something 3 of 10
    A Daily Something
    Rebecca is always coming up with a new idea of how to recreate something you're just bound to love.
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  • Mini Eco 4 of 10
    Mini Eco
    Mostly focused on paper crafts, I love all of the bright and happy projects featured on this blog.
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  • Mer Mag 5 of 10
    Mer Mag
    Merilee is constantly creating original projects that will leave you awe inspired.
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  • Lovely Indeed 6 of 10
    Lovely Indeed
    A visit to Chelsea's site always ends in a smile with her happy projects that cover a variety of topics.
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  • Inchmark 7 of 10
    Brooke doesn't post on a five times a week basis but whenever something pops up from her, you know it's going to be pretty great. I love the parties she throws for her kids.
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  • The House That Lars Built 8 of 10
    The House That Lars Built
    Brittany is a creative genius, always coming up with pretty projects that will transform your space or party. And her amazing styling is just an added perk.
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  • Armelle 9 of 10
    Caroline kind of does it all from brilliant kid's parties to sharing her favorite recipes. One of my daily reads for sure.
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  • Dandee 10 of 10
    Danyelle seems to always be bursting with ideas that are beautiful yet completely doable. A daily trip to her blog will leave you inspired.
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top image: Shauna + Shephen’s loft

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