10 Rad DIY Phone Covers


I can never find a phone case that I love. Can you? Here are 10 rad DIY phone covers so you can finally have that phone cover of your dreams.

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  • Glitz 2 of 11
    diy phone cover 01

    Every girl loves to add some glitz and glam to their accessories, right? 

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  • Cross Stitch 3 of 11
    diy phone cover 02

    If  you're super crafty (and I know you are) try this cross stitched one out!

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  • Washi Tape 4 of 11
    diy phone cover 03

    We all know and love it. Slap some of your favorite washi tape on your phone cover to give it new life! 

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  • Sharpie 5 of 11
    diy phone case 04

    Now this I love. Bright and colorful and with a killer pattern. 

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  • Studded 6 of 11
    diy phone case 05

    This case is so hard core. Cool, but maybe too cool?

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  • Monogram 7 of 11
    diy phone case 06

    Cute and simple and personalized. What more do you need?

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  • Lace 8 of 11
    diy phone case 07

    If lace is your thing, this case is your thing.

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  • Leather 9 of 11
    diy phone case 08

    Leather! I love leather. Give your phone a little luxurious touch.

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  • Kiddie 10 of 11
    diy phone case 09

    Every mama loves their kiddo's art. So why not have it as your phone cover?

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  • Fabric 11 of 11
    diy phone case 10

    Add your favorite fabric to your phone. I love this idea.

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