10 Terrifying DIY Props for Your Haunted House


With Halloween quickly approaching it’s time to get all your scary props ready to go. A giant Grim Reaper in your doorway is just what you need to spook the neighbors, or perhaps a ghost popping up will give them a good fright. For those of you that really want to get creative, learn how to make an animatronic gravedigger. Get these tutorials and more in these 10 Terrifying DIY Props for Your Haunted House…

  • Bubbling Blood Bath 1 of 10
    Bubbling Blood Bath
    Build a bubbling blood bath in your yard.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Shrunken Head 2 of 10
    Shrunken Head
    Freak your friends out with a few shrunken heads.
    Find out more at Brad Blog Speed.
  • Bloody Skull Candles 3 of 10
    Bloody Skull Candles
    Make it appear as though blood is oozing from their skulls.
    Find out more at Skeleton Foundry.
  • Gravedigger Animatronic 4 of 10
    Gravedigger Animatronic
    For those of you that are brave enough to handle animatronics.
    Check it out at Davis Graveyard.
  • Acid Bath Monster 5 of 10
    Acid Bath Monster
    Build a scary monster emerging from the acid bath.
    Find out more at Yard Haunt.
  • Pop Up Creature of the Night 6 of 10
    Pop Up Creature of the Night
    These always get me.
    Find out how to make your own at Instructables.
  • Hologram Illusion 7 of 10
    Hologram Illusion
    Create a skeleton skull hologram to talk to your guests.
    Spotted at Instructables.
  • The Ring 8 of 10
    The Ring
    Rebuild The Ring set in your yard.
    Find out more at Lothars Lair.
  • The Grim Reeper 9 of 10
    The Grim Reeper
    Get the inside scoop on how to build this haunted reaper.
    Find out more at Halloween Forum.
  • The Grim Reeper 10 of 10
    The Grim Reeper
    This is one of the freakiest props I've seen and it's only a doll spray painted white.
    Spotted at Media Cache.

Photo credits:  1) DIYDragon, 2) Brad Blog Speed, 3) Skeleton Foundry, 4) Davis Graveyard, 5) Yard Haunt, 6) Back Roads via, 7) NK5 via, 8) Lothar’s Lair, 9) jimmyzdc via, 10) Sabine Krauss/ #binchen76 via

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