10 Tips for Rocking Neon in Your Home


Do you love the neon that is popping up everywhere in fashion and home decor these days? I do but I wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t turn my livingroom into a Camp Beverly Hills showroom before I made the plunge so I did some investigating into ways that neon is working. Here are my 10 tips for introducing neon into your home without it looking grody to the max.

  • Neon Surprise 1 of 10
    Neon Surprise
    Add neon in an unexpected place like the underside of this tub, or the inside of a bookshelf.
    Spotted on Anthology Mag.
  • Is this the neon you are looking for? 2 of 10
    Is this the neon you are looking for?
    Pick an unexpected neon hue like this purple.
    Spotted on Decorology.
  • Own it 3 of 10
    Own it
    Make your pop of neon the focal point in the room like this eye-catching piece of art.
    Spotted on Lolalina.
  • When the mood strikes 4 of 10
    When the mood strikes
    Pick up some thrift store cutlery and give it a makeover by painting the handles with non-toxic enamle paint. Save them for when you are feeling a splash of color.
    Spotted on Saniapell.
  • What’s black and white and pink all over? 5 of 10
    What's black and white and pink all over?
    Let the neon be the pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.
    Spotted on Jacquelynn Nicole.
  • Neon’s best friend. 6 of 10
    Neon's best friend.
    Pair neon with sketchy handdrawn artwork and watercolor texture for added warmth.
    Spotted on Louise van Terheijden.
  • Get your little trendsetters started young 7 of 10
    Get your little trendsetters started young
    Introduce neon to the kids room where playful bright colors are never a miss.
    Spotted on With Two Cats.
  • Pair it with it’s pretty pastel counterpart 8 of 10
    Pair it with it's pretty pastel counterpart
    Complement your neon with it's softest, prettiest shade like this shocking pink and ballet slipper pink combo.
    Spotted on The Glitter Guide.
  • 0Combine neon with earthy tones and linen textures 9 of 10
    0Combine neon with earthy tones and linen textures
    This is the most fail-proof tip to success with this years neon trend.
    Spotted on To Be Charmed.
  • Just a touch 10 of 10
    Just a touch
    This geometric pillow may offer just enough neon for you to get your fix.
    Spotted on Moira Neilson.

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