17 Of The Best DIY Piñatas Out There!


It’s no secret, I’m a party girl. And piñatas, oh piñatas! I do love a good one. Here are 17 of the absolute best DIY piñatas out there. Seriously, check them out!

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    No joke. Click through to see the best DIY piñatas.

  • Popsicle 2 of 18
    diy pinatas 01

    Perfect for summer! Try not to lick it. The sugar is on the inside.

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  • Scalloped 3 of 18
    diy pinatas 02

    Fun scallops and an easy pull string design. Does it get much better?

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  • Tiny 4 of 18
    diy pinatas 03

    Are you kidding me? Look at this thing! So tiny and colorful and perfect. I don't even care if there is candy inside.

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  • Gold Fish 5 of 18
    diy pinatas 04

    This would be perfect for a little one's birthday party. What kid doesn't love gold fish?

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  • Mini 6 of 18
    diy pinatas 05

    It's not just for cinco de mayo! Make them in any colors you want. So cute.

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  • Number 7 of 18
    diy pinatas 06

    This is great for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! 

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  • Party Favors 8 of 18
    diy pinatas 07

    How cute are these? They are perfect party favors. If you're super ambitious. And I know you are.

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  • Ice Cream 9 of 18
    diy pinatas 08

    Everyone will love these. So cute and perfect for summer parties.

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  • Italic Font 10 of 18
    diy pinatas 09

    Get a little fancy and make a monogram piñata in a italic font. It would be amazing to have these spell something out.

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  • Monster 11 of 18
    diy pinatas 10

    Is this not the coolest monster piñata ever? I think so.

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  • Panda 12 of 18
    diy pinatas 11

    This is a panda, but you could do so many animals. Pick one and try it out!

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  • Alligator 13 of 18
    diy pinatas 12

    A gold alligator, that's what your life needs.

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  • Flamingo 14 of 18
    diy pinatas 13

    This one just makes me laugh. Those legs! So fun.

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  • Heart 15 of 18
    diy pinatas 14

    Anniversaries, Valentine's day, baby showers, this heart piñata can do it all!

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  • Gems 16 of 18
    diy pinatas 15

    These are some of my favorites! I love them. Maybe a little too much.

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  • Post-its 17 of 18
    diy pinatas 16

    If you have a ton of post-its laying around, please make this piñata. So rad.

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  • Wedding Cake 18 of 18
    diy pinatas 17

    How beautiful is this one? If I could do my wedding over again, this would be front and center.

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