20 DIY Headboard Ideas to Make



I don’t have a headboard, and I actually haven’t had one since I left my parents’ house after high school.  I was one of those people that had a futon for years – and I graduated to a big girl bed in 2003.  But I still didn’t get a headboard.  My friends, it’s time.  And since I’m a DIY kind of girl, I’m definitely going to make (or refurbish) my own.  I found several in my travels on the interwebs for ideas, and I wanted to share.  One of my favorites is this Love Headboard discovered at House Tweaking.  I haven’t made my decision completely yet though.  Take a peek at the ideas and then I’m curious – which one is your favorite?

Three Hanging Panels 1 of 19
Pretty Patchwork 2 of 19
Woven Wood 3 of 19
Recycled Sign 4 of 19
Doorway to Dreams 5 of 19
Dazzling Decal 6 of 19
Inspired Crochet 7 of 19
Trim and Shelves 8 of 19
Fabric and Nails 9 of 19
French Inspired 10 of 19
Straight from the Half Pipe 11 of 19
Just Like School 12 of 19
Bent Wood 13 of 19
Your Own Library 14 of 19
Build it Yourself 15 of 19
From the Window 16 of 19
West Elm Inspired 17 of 19
Stenciled Scrolls 18 of 19
Large and Dramatic 19 of 19
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