24 Awesome Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers

repurposing-baby-wipe-containersI still have baby wipe containers all over the house, even though we haven’t had a baby in diapers for more than 3 years. They make such great storage containers — the toy room has stacks of containers filled with cars, puzzles, and more tiny toys than I can count.

We have wipes containers in the office, the garage, the kitchen, and bathrooms. They’re filled with items we use everyday, things we need to tuck away, and stuff I’d never find again if it weren’t neatly stacked and labeled in the perfect container.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite uses — and some new ones that make me wish we were still buying wipes! Check out these ideas for repurposing baby wipe containers:

Battery Storage 1 of 24
We store our batteries in a wipes container — it's easily carted from room to room when we need it. I also have a second container clearly marked "dead batteries" so I can quickly toss the old ones into the wipes slot for storage until we take them in for recycling.
Toy Storage 2 of 24
Baby wipe containers are perfectly sized for some of the most popular toys — cars, action figures, Squinkies — and this idea for chalk paint labeling is perfect for kids' ever-changing needs.
Photo and tutorial via A Girl and her Needle
Playhouse Door 3 of 24
This is such a fun idea for creating a door on a cardboard gingerbread house. You could also make your house more generic for everyday or paper doll use.
Photo and tutorial via Alpha Mom
Toddler Toy 4 of 24
With all the toys in all the world, why is it that toddlers are most fascinated with pulling baby wipes out of the container? Avoid waste with a fabric substitution.
Photo and tutorial via A Spotted Pony
Emergency Car Kit 5 of 24
I've carried around a "just in case" box for years, filled with all the little things you need when you're out and about. The two keys for us have been socks (for "emergency" bounce house visits) and parking money (to avoid high ATM fees on unexpected outings).
Photo and tutorial via Tip Junkie
Homemade Cleaners 6 of 24
Baby wipe containers are perfect to hold your DIY cleaners and solutions — disinefectant, homemade baby wipes, and more can be mixed right in the box, with fabric, old t-shirts, or paper towels for ready use.
Photo and tutorial via DIY Home Sweet Home
First Aid Kit 7 of 24
You might want to carry one of these in the car too, for accidents at parks & playgrounds. In addition to bandages and disinfectant, baby wipe containers can also hold vitamins and medications for easy use.
Photo and tutorial via Estes Extras
Junk Mobile 8 of 24
Make a car to hold your cars! This is a fun recycled craft to use baby wipe containers as well as jar & bottle lids.
Photo via Pinterest
Playing Card Storage 9 of 24
Card boxes fall apart so quickly — tape the box to a wipes container, then store your cards & other game pieces inside. This also works great for puzzles.
Photo and tutorial via Jazzie and Tahlia
Recipe Box 10 of 24
A baby wipes container just so happens to be about the same size as a recipe box. It also conveniently holds the card you're using right in the lid.
Doll Storage Bench 11 of 24
How cute is this storage bench? Keep tiny doll pieces right inside, then use the wipes container as a bench for the dolls.
Photo and tutorial via Karen, Mom of Three
Art & Craft Supplies 12 of 24
Crayons, scissors, beads, buttons — they're everywhere when you craft with kids. The manageable size of baby wipes containers makes it easy for kids to get what they need.
Photo and tutorial via Modern Mommy
Flash Cards 13 of 24
This is a cute idea, using baby wipe lids, to help kids with counting & numbers. You can also use it for sight words, quiz questions or more advanced math problems as kids grow. My girls can all count, but they could use some help with their Spanish homework!
Photo and tutorial via Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas
Drawer Organization 14 of 24
Wipe containers as drawer dividers? Brilliant! Squidmom uses it to store toys, but it is a great idea for storing socks, underwear, hair ties, and scarves.
Photoes and more ideas via Squidmom
Bag Dispenser 15 of 24
I have plastic bags in a cylinder wipes container, myself. Either one works great, as they bags can pop up one at a time. We keep one in the car for quick clean outs.
Photo and tutorial via The Thriftiness Miss
Piggy Bank 16 of 24
This is a fabulous, kid-friendly alternative to ceramic piggy banks.
Photo and printable via Good Housekeeping
Money Collection 17 of 24
We use a baby wipes container for money collection at our yard sale every year. Dressed up, it is an amazing donation collection as well.
Photo and tutorial via Jodi and Marlaina
Yarn Dispenser 18 of 24
This is an inexpensive substitute for the yarn containers we bought the tween a few years ago. Store the yarn in the wipes box, then thread one end through the top for easy access.
Photo and more reuse ideas via Real Simple
Toddler Laptop 19 of 24
What a cute, low tech laptop for little ones, using a travel wipes container. I love the idea of keeping paper and crayons inside to quickly change out the "screensaver."
Photo and tutorial via She Wears Flowers
Outdoor Toys 20 of 24
Once my girls start using the sidewalk chalk, it never fits back into the containers quite the same. Baby wipes to the rescue, yet again! It also nicely holds bubble wands or even a DIY bubble solution
Travel Crayons 21 of 24
Keep crayons on hand in a travel wipes container. As we head into summer, it might be time to switch them out colored pencils, though, to be sure they don't melt in your car.
Photo and more info via SOS Swim School
Monster Madness 22 of 24
How cute is this little monster? Use it as a napkin dispenser for your monster party, toy storage for your little one or just because it's so darn cute.
Photo and tutorial via Sweet Charli
Paint Roller 23 of 24
Here's another one for your cylinder containers — a toddler-sized paint roller.
Photo and tutorial via Toddler Toddler
Treasure Chest 24 of 24
This treasure chest would be great for a pirate party or another piggy bank. We also keep a "treasure chest" filled with small trinkets, to reward good behavior at home.
Photo and tutorial via Wired


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