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25 DIYs to Survive the (Zombie) Apocalypse

Way back in 2000 we had the fear of Y2K. Last year, every time I turned on the TV I heard the two words, Mayan calendar. This year, it’s all about bracing for the zombie apocalypse. All this disaster preparedness got me thinking, well I don’t want to be the one left in the dust, you know, just in case. No matter what really ends up happening, there is some comfort in honing down those survival skills and stocking up on supplies. If you have a blackout see how a tub of Crisco can light up your room for days. Stay in contact with loved ones by charging up your cell phone with the sun and laundry lint will come in very handy for warming up by a fire. Take a sec to jot down these 25 DIYs to Survive the (Zombie) Apocalypse, because you never know what tomorrow brings (muahaha!) …
(Image via A Daddy Blog)

  • Altoid BBQ 1 of 25
    Altoid BBQ
    Keep a BBQ in your pocket by making it out of an Altoid tin.
    Check it out at Instructables.
  • Solar Powered Phone Charger 2 of 25
    Solar Powered Phone Charger
    Keep your phone charged while on the move.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Paracord Lanyards 3 of 25
    Paracord Lanyards
    Keep 10 feet of paracord on you by wrapping it in a lanyard.
    Find out more at Storm Dranes.
  • Purify Water with the Sun 4 of 25
    Purify Water with the Sun
    You have survived the apocalypse and are feeling great, don't let it be bad water that ultimately brings you down.
    Find out more at Kitchen Pantry Scientist.
  • Single Use Antibiotic Packs 5 of 25
    Single Use Antibiotic Packs
    Keep your cuts nice and clean by making single use antibiotic packs out of straws.
    Find out more at Brian's Backpacking Blog.
  • Everlasting Candle 6 of 25
    Everlasting Candle
    When there is no electricity a tub of Crisco can become your best friend.
    Find out more at Great Northern Prepper.
  • Matchbox Container 7 of 25
    Matchbox Container
    Make your own matchbox kit with a mason jar, including a sandpaper top to light the matches.
    Spotted at Craftaholics Anonymous.
  • Cardboard Box Oven 8 of 25
    Cardboard Box Oven
    If you have a cardboard box you are more than half way to a solar powered oven.
    Find out more at Ethicurean.
  • Never Get Lost 9 of 25
    Never Get Lost
    Built your own compass easily to stay headed in the right direction.
    Find out more at Kids Activities Blog.
  • Lint Fire Starters 10 of 25
    Lint Fire Starters
    If you have lint, an egg carton and some oil candles on hand, you're well onto your way to having many a fire.
    Find out more at One Good Thing.
  • Homemade Heater 11 of 25
    Homemade Heater
    Stay warm no matter where you end up with your homemade heater.
    Find out more atThe Parsimonious Princess.
  • Staying Fastened 12 of 25
    Staying Fastened
    Turn paperclips into safety pins in a second.
    Find out more at CMY Bacon.
  • Solar Powered Herb Garden 13 of 25
    Solar Powered Herb Garden
    With food becoming scarce, you will need any backup you can get. Build an herb garden greenhouse with a solar powered watering system.
    Find out more at DFW.
  • Fish Hook Soda Can Tab 14 of 25
    Fish Hook Soda Can Tab
    Times are gonna get tough so little handy tricks like this will help you stay fed.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Bright Lamp 15 of 25
    Bright Lamp
    Attach a headlamp to a jug of water to make it glow nice and bright.
    Find out more at Buzzfeed.
  • Homemade Fridge 16 of 25
    Homemade Fridge
    Make a refrigerator out of two pots.
    Check it out at Future Want.
  • Rainwater Collector 17 of 25
    Rainwater Collector
    Don't be left high and dry after the rains hit.
    Spotted at Beach Brights.
  • Flashlights 18 of 25
    Use soda cans and cereal boxes to make your own flashlight.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Orange You Glad Lamp 19 of 25
    Orange You Glad Lamp
    After scarfing down your last remaining oranges, use them to make lamps to light the house.
    Find out more at Portugal Smallholding.
  • Washing Machine 20 of 25
    Washing Machine
    Make your life a little easier by having a washing machine on hand that doesn't need any electricity.
    Find out more at Refashionista.
  • Waterproofing Matches 21 of 25
    Waterproofing Matches
    Use Shellac to keep your matches waterproof, just in case.
    Check it out at Brian's Backpacking Blog.
  • Fire Starters 22 of 25
    Fire Starters
    Use cosmetic pads to make fire starters.
    Spotted at Jermm's Outside.
  • Sprout Your Own Wheat 23 of 25
    Sprout Your Own Wheat
    Sprout up a tasty wheat snack in a mason jar.
    Find out more at Food Storage and Survival.
  • Milk Jug Raft 24 of 25
    Milk Jug Raft
    If you're flooded out you will be glad you saved those milk jugs.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Pill Bottle Survival Kit 25 of 25
    Pill Bottle Survival Kit
    Store essentials in a small pill bottle.
    Check it out at Instructables.

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