25 Tutorials for a Beautiful Spring Brunch


Fall has always been my favorite season, but this year I am all about spring. As much as I think I could live in complete bliss surrounded only by fresh flowers and baby bunnies I would much rather celebrate the season with friends and family. What better way to do that than by enjoying a spring breeze and blossoming flowers at a spring brunch? You can find all the handmade fixings needed to celebrate spring with these 25 Tutorials for a Beautiful Spring Brunch…

  • Make Your Own Tea Bags 1 of 25
    Make Your Own Tea Bags
    Surprise your guests by giving them personalized tea bags.
    Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Confetti Tablecloth 2 of 25
    Confetti Tablecloth
    Give your drab tablecloth a new look.
    Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.
  • Dipped Wooden Utensils 3 of 25
    Dipped Wooden Utensils
    These would look so pretty on the table.
    Get the tutorial at House of Earnest.
  • Tea Towels 4 of 25
    Tea Towels
    This is a super easy way to embellish your tea towels.
    Get the tutorial at Aesthetic Nest.
  • Ombre Tablecloth 5 of 25
    Ombre Tablecloth
    Make an ombre tablecloth in a spring color.
    Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.
  • Egg Shell Votives 6 of 25
    Egg Shell Votives
    Light up the table with the perfect brunch votives.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Ribbon Mobile 7 of 25
    Ribbon Mobile
    Hang ribbon mobiles above the table.
    Check out the tutorial at Martha Stewart .
  • Reversible Napkin Rings 8 of 25
    Reversible Napkin Rings
    Whip up your own set of napkin rings for the brunch.
    Check out the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Cloth Napkins 9 of 25
    Cloth Napkins
    Master mitered-corners by making these napkins.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Cake Plate 10 of 25
    Cake Plate
    This is an easy $3 cake plate you can whip up in an hour.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Tea Cup Candles 11 of 25
    Tea Cup Candles
    Light up your table with tea cup candles.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Tea Wallet 12 of 25
    Tea Wallet
    Surprise each of your friends with a tea wallet to take home.
    Get the tutorial at Handmade Therapy.
  • Paper Plate Fruit Baskets 13 of 25
    Paper Plate Fruit Baskets
    This is a super easy idea for making fruit baskets.
    Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.
  • Gilded Lace Champagne Glass 14 of 25
    Gilded Lace Champagne Glass
    If your guests want something a bit stronger than tea they can enjoy a lovely mimosa in these glasses.
    Get the tutorial at Fabric Paper Glue.
  • Flower Tissue Garland 15 of 25
    Flower Tissue Garland
    Decorate the room with a beautiful flower garland.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Portable Tea Party 16 of 25
    Portable Tea Party
    Let the little ones join in with their own tea party.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Pretty Pitcher 17 of 25
    Pretty Pitcher
    Decorate your pitchers and bowls with tape.
    Get the tutorial at How About Orange.
  • Dry Erase Menu 18 of 25
    Dry Erase Menu
    Let the guests know what is on the menu for today with this pretty display plate.
    Get the tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets.
  • Last Minute Napkins 19 of 25
    Last Minute Napkins
    These simple serger napkins are easy to make when you're running out of time.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Painted Utensils 20 of 25
    Painted Utensils
    Make your utensils really pop by painting the ends.
    Get the tutorial at DIY or Don't.
  • Garden Vase 21 of 25
    Garden Vase
    If you are running short of time collect some sticks from outside to make this pretty vase.
    Get the tutorial at Garden Mama.
  • Rose Napkins 22 of 25
    Rose Napkins
    Impress your guests by displaying rose napkins.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Wheatgrass Decor 23 of 25
    Wheatgrass Decor
    Decorate the table with bright green wheatgrass.
    Get the tutorial at Bee in Our Bonnet.
  • Colorful Vases 24 of 25
    Colorful Vases
    Decorate the tables with brightly colored vases and flowers.
    Get the tutorial at The Colorful Living Project.
  • Tiered Tray 25 of 25
    Tiered Tray
    Put yummy sandwiches on a custom made tiered tray.
    Get the tutorial at Backless Shirt.

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