3 Ways Use Up Your Leftover Eggshells


Egg shell crafts

If you’re celebrating Easter, you might have a few eggshells leftover from that Easter Bunny hiding them all over the place. Here are a few ways to use them up once they’ve been found!

  • Mini Egg Landscapes:  Add a little soil, moss, and a few woodland creatures to create these fun egg landscapes from My So Called Crafty Life.

  • Crushed Eggshell Art: Crush up all your used eggshells and turn it into glitter for a fun art project from Make and Takes.

  • Eggshell Compost: After enjoying a few of your hard boiled eggs, crush them up and add them to your garden for some much need compost from RadMegan.

What fun projects are you planning with your left over eggs and their eggshells?