5 Good Pinterest Practices


So many people are on Pinterest these days! I’m no exception – I have all types of boards, from DIY to food to a Mod Podge community board. Yes, I’m a pinning addict. I’ll have to admit though, sometimes Pinterest feels like the wild west. No one teaches you how to use the world’s most addictive social media tool. What are the “rules,” or are there any? I’m not sure that there are rules (though Pinterest has etiquette “guidelines”), but there are definitely things you can do to make the Piniverse (I made that word up) more pleasant for yourself as well as everyone else. Click through the jump to see my recommendations for good Pinterest practices.

1. Try as best you can to pin from the original source. Not only does it help the original blogger or website by giving credit, but it helps ALL of us find the tutorial/recipe/more information if we want it.

2. Don’t pin from a Google image search. This can make the original article SO difficult to find.

3. Don’t copy and paste a recipe/tutorial/post copy into the comments section of a pin. Technically it’s a violation of the source’s copyright if they didn’t give you permission (it’s their writing). It is also frustrating to keep scrolling down past these pins – it clogs the stream of your followers.

4. Be nice. You should know that a blogger or website can see what has been pinned from their site, so if you say, “this looks like crap, I’ll make it in less ugly colors,” it might be seen by the owner. You might not care, but it’s just something to keep in mind. PS – If you want to see what has been pinned from your blog or site, use this:

5. Don’t be afraid to unsubscribe from boards. A LOT of people don’t realize you can unsubscribe from individual boards without unsubscribing from the person. If you aren’t interested in silly animal poses or inspirational quotes, just go into the board and press “Unfollow” in the center. If you are following that person, you will still see all of their other boards.

BONUS TIP – just for bloggers

6. Add a Pin button to your blog so that you can share all your wonderful posts with the Piniverse! Go to the Pinterest goodies page. I also HIGHLY recommend adding a 150 x 150 badge or other graphic to your home page so that people can pin your main blog URL (like this).

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