5 Ways to Eat Healthy on the Road


I recently took a trip across America and back, to Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Portland, to be exact. When I asked people what I should do or see I got a lot of responses like, You have to try NY Style Pizza, Chicago Dog, Deep Dish, Lobster Roll, etc. Needless to say eating healthy was not a top priority on my list, but I very quickly realized it was going to have to be if I was to survive this extensive trip. With all the running around that traveling entails it becomes extra important to be eating good foods your body can use. Check out places like Wendy’s for healthier food options and document your trip with the Fresh Pic’d Summer digital scrapbooking app at the same time. Here are some tips and tricks we used on our trip to make sure to keep in check, because we all know It’s Hard to Eat Healthy on the Road.

  • Whip Up A Couple Meals 1 of 5
    Whip Up A Couple Meals
    Seek out a local farmer's market in the area and use the veggies to make salads and sandwiches for lunch. It will save you a bundle as well.
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  • Bring Healthy Snacks 2 of 5
    Bring Healthy Snacks
    With all the walking around that comes with traveling it's even more important to be eating healthy snacks like fruits and granola. We especially like veggies and hummus.
    Make your own Summer Scrapbook with Wendy's.
  • Salad over Fries 3 of 5
    Salad over Fries
    Trust me, I know it's hard to resist a good Chicago dog and fries, but try to make small changes like having a salad and veggies instead of the fries. You will feel a lot better and your body will be thanking you.
    Make your own Summer Scrapbook with Wendy's.
  • Drink Water 4 of 5
    Drink Water
    It seems like such a common sense thing, right? Wrong. It's easy to get caught up in sodas and coffees galore. Drinking water is just as important as eating right.
    Make your own Summer Scrapbook with Wendy's.
  • Go Local 5 of 5
    Go Local
    Portland was all about restaurants with local growers and farmers. Amongst all the must-have pizza joints try to find places that focus on healthy eating.
    Make your own Summer Scrapbook with Wendy's.

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