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Role Models

  • Big man on campus 1 of 50
    Big man on campus
    Never before have we seen a more confident kindergartener on the first
    day of school.
    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @SundaySpill, Little White Whale
  • Someone’s excited … 2 of 50
    Someone's excited ...
    What'd this mom do to get her kid so stoked about going back to school? Seriously.
    — Photo by Kirsten Grove, @SimplyGrove, Simply Grove
  • Picture perfect 3 of 50
    Picture Perfect
    If Sarah's back-to-school photos are this cute, we can't wait to see what she does for the holidays!
    — Photo by Sarah Pinnix, @RealLifeSarah, Real Life
  • The big cheese 4 of 50
    The big cheese
    If only that smile would last all the way to high school …
    — Photo by Dariela Cruz, @DarielaCruz, Mami Talks
  • Schoolhouse tour 5 of 50
    Schoolhouse tour
    "And that's the playground where Jimmy found a dead mouse and decided to taste it." Thanks for sharing.
    — Photo by Danni Remender, @DanniRemender, Small + Pretty
  • An apple a day … 6 of 50
    An apple a day ...
    What better way to celebrate the first day of school than by taking a bite out of a juicy, green apple?
    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @LisaLeonard, Lisa Leonard Blog
  • The scientist 7 of 50
    The scientist
    We have a sneaky suspicion Bill Nye is this little man's idol.
    — Photo by Tonya Staab, @TonyaStaab, Tonya Staab
  • Dress to impress 8 of 50
    Dress to impress
    What's a kindergartener's favorite thing about going back to school? She finally gets to dress herself. Good choice going with the bow headband.
    — Photo by Stacie Connerty, @StacieInAtlanta, The Divine Miss Mommy
  • Training day 9 of 50
    Training Day
    Back to school, back to … running your butt off at football practice.
    — Photo by Piper, @PiperofLove, Piper on the Mountain
  • Ladies man 10 of 50
    Ladies' man
    The fact that he's surrounded by seven pretty girls is completely lost on this third-grader. Shame.
    — Photo by Jo-Lynne Shane, @JolynneShane, Musings of a Housewife
  • No tears here 11 of 50
    No tears here
    If only we could bottle up some of that enthusiasm for our Monday
    morning workdays.
    — Photo by Jennifer Doyle, @PlayGroupie, Southern by Proxy
  • They grow up so fast 12 of 50
    They grow up so fast
    Nothing makes a parent feel quite so old as seeing "Class of 2025" splashed across their kid's bulletin board.
    — Photo by Shell, @ShellThings, Things I Can't Say
  • Playing school 13 of 50
    Playing school
    She may be a couple years off kindergarten, but her mom keeps telling her: practice makes perfect.
    — Photo by Mandy, @TeamMandy, The Haps
  • Back-to-school blues 14 of 50
    Back-to-school blues
    Under that fedora lies a boy grieving the end of summer and the beginning of … homework.
    — Photo by Jenny Mae, @OhJennyMae, Oh, Jenny Mae
  • Trading places 15 of 50
    Trading places
    These look-alike bros may be headed to different grades, but we bet they'd have no problem tricking a teacher or two!
    — Photo by Beth Mancuso, @manicmotherphotography, Manic Mother Photography
  • Back in session 16 of 50
    Back in session
    Freshly sharpened pencils, over-stuffed backpacks, and bento school lunches — yep, back-to-school season is here.
    — Photo by Amanda Watters, @MamaWatters, It's the Little Things
  • No time for monkey business 17 of 50
    No time for monkey business
    "Mom, take the picture before I'm in college."
    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @GlitterfulFelt, Felt Stories
  • Pretty in pink 18 of 50
    Pretty in pink
    She may be a mere first grader, but this girl knows how to accessorize.
    Nice shades.
    — Photo by Meagan Shemenski, @FairlyFabulous1, Fairly Fabulous
  • The three musketeers 19 of 50
    The three musketeers
    There are few things more impressive than a mom who can get her kids dressed, fed, and camera-ready in the wee hours of the morning and still capture smiles on each of their faces. Nice work.
    — Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @ClassyChaos, Classy Chaos
  • Up to no good 20 of 50
    Up to no good
    We're scared to see what's behind this first grader's mischievous grin.
    — Photo by Rachel Denbow, @SmileAndWave, Smile and Wave
  • “P” is for Preschool 21 of 50
    "P" is for preschool
    Snack time, naptime, recess, and crafts — what's not to love about going
    back to school?
    — Photo by Duane O'Brien, @TheGrassHoppa, Love Is Groovy
  • Smiling on the outside 22 of 50
    Smiling on the outside
    "Mom, don't make me go back into that classroom. I'll do the dishes for a month … a year … ‘til I move out."
    — Photo by Dwan Perrin, @MommaDJane, MommaDJane
  • Fast times at Fulton High 23 of 50
    Fast times at Fulton High
    "Yeah, that's right. We own this school."
    — Photo by Katie Granju, @KGranju2, Home/work
  • Shady lady 24 of 50
    Shady lady
    "I'm just trying to catch up on my summer reading but the paparazzi won't give
    me a break."
    — Photo by Susan Petersen, @FreshlyPicked, The New Home-Ec blogger
  • Teachers pets 25 of 50
    Teacher's pet
    What's better than one back-to-school picture? Three! This mom knows what's up.
    — Photo by Molly Thornberg, @DigitalMom, Baby's First Year blogger
  • And the countdown begins 26 of 50
    And the countdown begins
    As she wandered the halls of her very first school, she couldn't help but wonder: How many more days left until summer?
    — Photo by Keli Hoskins, @KeliHoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia
  • Eager to learn 27 of 50
    Eager to learn
    "I can't wait to get into that classroom and show my teacher what I'm made of."
    — Photo by Ana Flores, @LaFlowers, Besos
  • Think positive 28 of 50
    Think positive
    Plaid shirt, vintage tee — this hipster's ready for elementary school.
    — Photo by Andrea, @HulaSeventy, Hula Seventy
  • Back to (home)school 29 of 50
    Back to (home)school
    And in just 10 steps, she was out of bed and sitting at her school desk. We're jealous of her commute.
    — Photo by Nicole Bennett, @SimpleHomemade, Simple Homemade
  • Four of a kind 30 of 50
    Four of a kind
    We spy, with our little eye, six pairs of brand new sneakers, three kids waiting for the school bus, and one baby awaiting his first day of school.
    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @SundaySpill, Little White Whale
  • Back-to-school checklist 31 of 50
    Back-to-school checklist
    Backpack? Check. Uniform? Check. iPhone? Check. This kid's ready for school.
    — Photo by Claire Wise, @ClaireWise, Claire Wise Photography
  • Playground believer 32 of 50
    Playground believer
    On his very first day of kindergarten, Owen planned to become king of the playground. Good luck.
    — Photo by Jessica Erickson, @AlloraHandmade, Allora Handmade
  • The wheels on the bus 33 of 50
    The wheels on the bus
    With a cool Buzz Light Year backpack like his, we bet he gets to sit on the back of the bus.
    — Photo by Duane O'Brien, @TheGrassHoppa, Love Is Groovy
  • Too cool for school 34 of 50
    Too cool for school
    "Mom, quit snapping pictures … the boys will see you." Yeah, mom, get a grip.
    — Photo by Karen Walrond, @Chookooloonks, Bliss Your Heart
  • So close, yet still so far 35 of 50
    So close, yet still so far
    Only 10 more first days of school left. Keep truckin'!
    — Photo by Roxanna Sarmiento, @EverydayTreats, The Frog & Snail Society Page
  • Strike a pose 36 of 50
    Strike a pose
    Third grade? Please — she's ready for her Vogue photo shoot. This girl's
    going places.
    — Photo by Karen Owens, @Karen446680, The Owens Family

  • Homemade Lunch-ables 37 of 50
    Homemade Lunch-ables
    One thing's for sure: there's no way Tyler's trading this lunch on the first day
    of school.
    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @GlitterfulFelt, Felt Stories
  • Oh, the places youll go! 38 of 50
    Oh, the places you'll go!
    Are we gazing upon a future teacher? Doctor? President? The possibilities
    are endless.
    — Photo by Rachel Shingleton, @PencilShavings, Pencil Shavings
  • Mr. Big Shot 39 of 50
    Mr. Big Shot
    "See what this sign says? Fourth. Grade. There's no little boys here."
    You got it, dude.
    — Photo by Stacie Connerty, @StacieInAtlanta, The Divine Miss Mommy
  • Team player 40 of 50
    Team player
    One day, we'll be celebrating his winning touchdown at the homecoming football game. What — are we getting ahead of ourselves?
    — Photo by Shell, @ShellThings, Things I Can't Say
  • Lady in red 41 of 50
    Lady in red
    We appreciate a girl who knows how to dress up a drab school uniform with
    red pumps.
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Kelle Hampton

  • Before and after 42 of 50
    Before and after
    These adorable vintage and current first-day-of-school snapshots remind us: some things never change.
    — Photo by Stacy, @7OnAShoestring2, 7 on a Shoestring
  • Brothers and sisters 43 of 50
    Brothers and sisters
    Three kids, two headlocks, one priceless first-day-of-school picture.
    — Photo by Kristen Doyle, @DineAndDish, Dine and Dish
  • Shady business 44 of 50
    Shady business
    Who could have first-day jitters when they're wearing mom's Klout squad glasses?
    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @Momfluential, Casa de Chaos
  • Lunchtime pick-me-up 45 of 50
    Lunchtime pick-me-up
    We wish our mom still surprised us with notes in our lunchbox.
    — Photo by Jennifer Doyle, @PlayGroupie, Southern by Proxy
  • Nervous Nellie 46 of 50
    Nervous Nellie
    "If I tell myself I'm not scared, then all of these butterflies will fly right out of my tummy, right?" You bet!
    — Photo by Cyndi Monaghan, @Elf_Girl, Mermaids and Moss
  • Back to style 47 of 50
    Back to style
    Between her stylish tee and his rockin' kicks, these two could rule the school bus.
    — Photo by Lara Dipaola, @DipaolaMomma, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom
  • 7 going on 17 48 of 50
    7 going on 17
    Forget second grade, this little girl is too busy dreaming of high school, prom, and the fashions of 2022. They grow up so fast …
    — Photo by Stacie Connerty, @StacieInAtlanta, The Divine Miss Mommy
  • In uniform 49 of 50
    In uniform
    We don't know what's cuter — the fact that these sisters could be twins, or that their backpacks are bigger than their bodies!
    — Photo by Danielle Smith, @DanielleSmithTV, Strollerderby blogger
  • Young at heart 50 of 50
    Young at heart
    Sure, we may be pushing 30, but the Babble team goes back to school in spirit.
    — Photo by BabbleEditors, @BabbleEditors
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