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50 Days of Summer


  • Summer lovin’ 1 of 50
    As the kids watched the sun slowly sink down into the horizon, they wondered just why there couldn't be 500 days of summer.
    — Photo by Catherine Connors, @HerBadMother, Bad Mother Confidential
  • Cool shades 2 of 50
    She never wanted to be famous, but if the sunglasses fit …
    — Photo by Ryan Marshall, @RyanMarshall__
  • Big wheel keep on turnin’ 3 of 50
    Random, ginormous objects are the stuff of summer-road-trip legend.
    — Photo by Buzz Bishop, @BuzzBishop, Kid Scoop blogger
  • Toe the line 4 of 50
    Flip-flops — they only come second to bare feet during the summer.
    Photo by Duane O'Brien, @TheGrassHoppa, Love is Groovy
  • A picnic, made simple 5 of 50
    He was all set to dig into that watermelon … until mama handed him a fork.
    Photo by Susan Petersen, @FreshlyPicked, The New Home-Ec blogger
  • Down by the sea 6 of 50
    "It's mud. How many times are you going to jump up and down in it?" the big dog wondered to no one but himself.
    Photo by Stasha, @NorthwestMommy, The Good Life: Little boy, big dog, and I
  • On the loose 7 of 50
    If she caught it, she was told all of her wildest dreams would come true.
    — Photo by Mandy, @TeamMandy, The Haps
  • Say “cheese!” 8 of 50
    Summer, the only season where it's perfectly normal to take a family portrait
    under water.
    — Photo by Nicole Bennett, @SimpleHomemade, Simple Homemade
  • UFD: Unidentified, flying dog 9 of 50
    The Chihuahua wasn't quite sure how he would get down, but there was no doubt he was enjoying the view.
    — Photo by Tsh Oxenreider, @SimpleMom, The Dsh with Tsh
  • 50 shades of orange 10 of 50
    There's nothing more relaxing after a day in the sun than pulling up a chair to enjoy the quintessential summer sunset.
    — Photo by Amy Windsor, @BitchinAmy, Bitchin' Wives Club 
  • Walk on the wild side 11 of 50
    Sidewalks are for amateurs; these girls prefer to live on the edge.
    — Photo by Denise Bovee, @DeniseBovee 
  • When life gives you lemons… 12 of 50
    … Host a lemonade stand.
    — Photo by James, @BleuBird, Bleu Bird
  • Summer in the city 13 of 50
    He was sure that was a mail slot and not a water fountain. Mom: 1. Huck: 0.
    — Photo by Natalie Holbrook, @NatTheFatRat, Family Style blogger 
  • The guiding light 14 of 50
    A backyard trail of brightly colored, hanging lanterns can only mean one thing: PARTY!
    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @MooshInIndy, Shutter Lovely
  • She sells sea shells… 15 of 50
    Some head to the beach to surf, others to tan. She comes for the shells.
    — Photo by Ana Flores, @LAFlowers, Besos 
  • Five o’clock somewhere 16 of 50
    Pushes are for babies, mom. We're men … let us swing.
    — Photo by Mishelle Lane, @SecretAgentMama, Secret Agent Mama 
  • Bubble boy 17 of 50
    He huffed … and he puffed … and he blew the biggest bubble his town had
    ever seen.
    — Photo by Shell, @ShellThings, Things I Can't Say 
  • Too cool for summer 18 of 50
    Try to take my seashell … I dare ya.
    — Photo by Jenny Mitchell, @Frecklewonder, Frecklewonder
  • One fish, two fish 19 of 50
    Looking at all of those magical fishies, she couldn't help but wonder what she needed to do to get in there.
    — Photo by Cyndi Monaghan, @Elf_Girl, Mermaids and Moss
  • Neon skies 20 of 50
    Summer: where the days get longer, and the sunsets more colorful.
    — Photo by Amanda Williams, @Life_Edited , Life. Edited. 
  • Get your feet wet 21 of 50
    She couldn't decide whether water fountains were her thing. We say yes.
    — Photo by Claire Wise, @ClaireWise, Claire Wise Photography
  • A slice of Americana 22 of 50
    Bare feet, painted toes, wood deck — ain't summer grand?
    — Photo by Jenny Mae, @OhJennyMae, Oh, Jenny Mae 
  • Hop to it 23 of 50
    For a second there, we really thought she could fly.
    — Photo by Keli Hoskins, @KeliHoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia  
  • Summer rains 24 of 50
    We spy, with our little eye, three stormy rain clouds, two matching rain slickers, and one tiny sailboat in the horizon.
    — Photo by Irene Nam, @IreneNam, Irene Nam 
  • Hang ten 25 of 50
    "No time to talk, mom — that wave has my name on it."
    — Photo by Katie Granju, @KGranju, Home/Work
  • The original window seat 26 of 50
    Clothing's optional — another perk of summer living.
    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @SundaySpill, Little White Whale 
  • Burning rubber 27 of 50
    That tire doesn't play nice; I'm outta here.
    — Photo by Randi Brookman Harris, @RandiBrookmanHarris, Randi Brookman Harris 
  • Hula girls in the making 28 of 50
    They were often found practicing their hula skills at sunset. Now if only they could find a grass skirt and coconut bras.
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @KelleHampton, Enjoying the Small Things
  • The not-so-kiddie pool 29 of 50
    She was in awe that her dad fit; so were we.
    — Photo by Morgan Shanahan, @The818, The 818 
  • Old yeller 30 of 50
    "No, Timmy — sidewalk chalk does NOT belong there," he barked to his two-legged pal. "I'm getting too old for this …"
    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @LisaLeonard, Lisa Leonard Blog 
  • Toy story 31 of 50
    The dump truck knew it wouldn't be long before the kids left him for the waves.
    — Photo by Tonya Staab, @TonyaStaab, Tonya Staab 
  • The great outdoors 32 of 50
    Ghost stories, burnt hot dogs, and sticky s'mores — ahhh, the camp life.
    — Photo by Emily Frame, @EmilyFrame, Ruffling Feather
  • Dive right in 33 of 50
    As his feet left the board, he could almost hear the Olympic cheers from the stands behind him.
    — Photo by Rachel Shingleton, @PencilShavings, Pencil Shavings Studio 
  • To be young again 34 of 50
    There's nothing a trip to the neighborhood swing set can't fix.
    — Photo by Kristen Doyle, @DineAndDish, Dine & Dish 
  • Jump for joy 35 of 50
    She just heard her school's extending summer vacation indefinitely. We're jealous.
    — Photo by Sarah Pinnix, @RealLifeSarah, Real Life
  • From great heights 36 of 50
    "Higher daddy — you're not even trying."
    — Photo by Lisa Steinbrueck, @WoodshedCoffee
  • The little mermaid 37 of 50
    Her parents were afraid to let her go swimming; they didn't think she'd ever
    leave the water.
    — Photo by Katie, @MotherBumper, Mother Bumper
  • Finding some shade 38 of 50
    "That sun is a scorcher, dude. I'm going to wait it out." Good plan.
    — Photo by Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, @HowToBeADad, Night of the Living Dads 
  • Goo-goo, gog-gle 39 of 50
    She just wanted to get into the pool to show everyone what she was made of.
    — Photo by Heather, @HeatherOfTheEO, The Extraordinary Ordinary 
  • Shaving cream war 40 of 50
    Water balloon fights are for sissies. These girls' motto? Go hard or go home.
    — Photo by Jenny, @JennyOnTheSpot, Jenny on the Spot 
  • Sunny day blues 41 of 50
    He'd had enough of the sun. He just wanted to go home.
    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @Momfluential, Casa de Chaos 
  • Showing off 42 of 50
    He wasn't about to let a chain-link fence get in the way of their fun. "Step aside, ladies. I got this."
    — Photo by Jessica Erickson, @AlloraHandmade, Allora Handmade
  • Summer’s war paint 43 of 50
    Sunscreen on, he was ready to take on whatever battles were raging at the
    kiddie pool.
    — Photo by @SceneByMe, Scene By Me
  • Into the deep end 44 of 50
    "I'm not scared, dad. I just think my floaties are going to miss me."
    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @MommyShorts, Toddler Times blogger
  • The sands of time 45 of 50
    A day at the beach isn't complete until someone's been sufficiently buried.
    — Photo by Marie LeBaron, @MarieLeBaron, The New Home-Ec blogger
  • Dog days of summer 46 of 50
    "Hey mom, look at me! I just poopied in the kiddie pool!" he screamed. And cue Mr. Basset Hound, "I'm gonna be sick."
    — Photo by Moriah Sunde, @MoriahSunde, Moriah Makes
  • Warning: Professional slip ‘n’ slider at play 47 of 50
    He runs … he dives … he slides!
    — Photo by Danielle Smith, @DanielleSmithTV, Strollerderby blogger
  • Assessing the situation 48 of 50
    "Those waves don't stand a chance," she thought as she approached the waters.
    — Photo by Melissa Jordan, @WithoutMelissa, Dear Baby 
  • Aquamarine waters 49 of 50
    If this doesn't leave you longing for a pool day, we don't know what will.
    — Photo by Sarah James, @Whoorl, What in the Whoorld
  • Hello, goodbye 50 of 50
    He waved goodbye to Mr. Sun and patiently awaited the return of summer.
    — Photo by Beth Mancuso, @ManicMotherPhotography, Manic Mother Photography 
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