8 New Year's Resolutions That Will Save You Money

The New Year and its resolutions are upon us! I actually love the idea behind resolutions — even if I go about it a bit differently than most. Typically, I make a to-do list of things I hope to complete throughout the year. It’s kind of like a life list, but scaled down for just a year.

Once year, I resolved to take a bubble bath every night. I may not have made it all 365 days, but nearly 10 years later I still take a bubble bath several nights per week. I was highly motivated to stick with that one! And, I think that’s what it’s about.

Goals are good. Change can be necessary. But, without proper motivation, it’s just not going to work. (Like Project 365 that I started a few years ago — “everybody else is doing it” was clearly not enough motivation to get me past the 1st month.)

What is a good motivator? Money. True story. If you can see an impact on your bottom line, it will bee easier to stick with a New Year’s resolution. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 8 common resolutions, with the financial incentive to help you stick with it!

  • Be more eco-conscious 1 of 8
    Be more eco-conscious
    In most cases, going green will save money! It starts with reducing consumption — gas, plastics, water — which leads to lower overall bills. You can also save a lot of money on cleaning supplies and other products by learning to make your own homemade versions.
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  • Cut out fast food 2 of 8
    Cut out fast food
    Eliminating fast food from your diet is healthier and more cost effective. We started by cutting out drive-thrus — but who wants to park and walk inside with 3 active girls just for a greasy, overpriced burger? I had to learn to think ahead. With proper meal planning, you'll be ready for dinner every night without the crutch of fast food or pizza delivery.
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  • Get organized 3 of 8
    Get organized
    Organization is the key to savings. With a tidy office, you'll be able to find everything you need, when you need it. No late bills. No lost gift cards. No expired coupons. I don't even want to think about how much money my own disorganization costs.
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  • Get out of debt 4 of 8
    Get out of debt
    This is a big one, but it's easy to get discouraged when nothing happens right away. You didn't get into debt in just a year — it will take awhile to get out of debt. Start with a better budget, then learn to cut expenses. (You can start with our Beginner's Guide to Couponing.)
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  • Quit smoking/drinking/(insert vice here) 5 of 8
    Quit smoking/drinking/(insert vice here)
    Think about your daily habits — which one is costing you the most money? For me, it was my 6-pack-a-day Sunkist habit. I started by no longer buying soda for the house. If someone offered one or it came with a meal, I would order it. But, not buying it at the grocery store saved me $35 per month — and helped me lose 6 pounds in as many weeks.
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  • Save more money 6 of 8
    Save more money
    Saving money for emergencies, vacations, and unexpected expenses will help you on your path to financial freedom. Start with a small amount in a high interest account — I like <a href="ING Direct. You can build from there, as you get out of debt and learn to trim even more from your budget.
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  • Spend more time with family 7 of 8
    Spend more time with family
    If this equates to spending more time at home, there's no end to the amount of money you'll save. Even if your family prefers excursions, you can focus on free & frugal family fun to keep more money in the bank.
  • Watch less TV 8 of 8
    Watch less TV
    One of the best things we did for our budget and our family was turn off the cable. We aren't living in the dark ages here. We all still enjoy our favorite shows, but it's with purpose instead of mindlessly running the TV all day. Utilize Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix to stream movies & TV shows. We also invested in a quality HD antennae to watch our sports and basic cable for free. It's been years since we've had cable — and I don't miss it!
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