A Brand New Prudent Baby!


No, not THAT kind of Prudent Baby. No one has given birth lately. We have, however, brought a brand new bouncing website into the world. Introducing 2.0, with a new look, and navigation designed to help you find the perfect Prudent Baby project…

Don’t be surprised when you stop by for a visit and see our pretty new face.

Speaking of pretty new faces, we are loving the illustration that I Missy You created for us. We love it so much that we may never appear in a real photo again.
Yes, I was extremely jealous to learn that Jaime’s eyes are Prudent Baby blue.

The new look for the site was designed in partnership with Freckled Nest. If you are looking to redesign your blog or simply to create a new ad (say to run on Prudent Baby) we can’t say enough about their talent as designers.

And lastly, our brilliant developers, Sean Benham and Tina Lam, helped us bring the site to a computer near you. If you need to migrate your site from Blogger to WordPress. They are officially experts.

So stay tuned! We hope you love the new Prudent Baby as much as we do!

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