Amazon Mom: 20% Off Diapers Plus Free 2-Day Shipping


Amazon Mom is a membership program for parents of young children — and it’s completely free! I’ve been a part of it for a year or two now, even though my youngest child is in kindergarten. It’s a fabulous savings program for anyone who buys products for babies & toddlers.

The greatest benefit, in my eyes, is the 3 months of Amazon Prime — which features unlimited video streaming, one free Kindle loan per month, and FREE 2-day shipping all year. You used to be able to earn additional months, based on how much you spend in the baby/toddler sections of Amazon. The guidelines for that aren’t very clear, but if it’s still offered, you should get an email from Amazon when your Prime membership trial is set to expire, with details on how to reactivate the benefit.

If you have kids in diapers, they’ll drop them on your doorstep regularly, at a discount. With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, you can save 15% on products you use regularly. As a member, you’ll receive an extra 5% off diaper & wipe subscriptions for a total of 20% savings. I’m not sure even Costco can beat that — especially when you consider the fact that you’ll never have to leave the house to restock your diapers!

Are you an Amazon Mom?

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