Are You Paying Too Much for Your Haircut?


The barber shop down the street has a sign on the lawn that reads “We repair $6 haircuts.” The Great Clips in the other direction is currently advertising their regular $6.99 sale. And, that’s where I’ll be later this week — because my $6 haircut has never been in need of repair.

I have, however, paid $6.99 to have someone repair a $45 haircut I hated. Go figure.

I think sometimes we’re willing to pay more for something because we’re conditioned to believe that makes it better. Low cost means cheap. Cheap means low quality. Yeah, sometimes that’s completely true.

But the opposite isn’t always accurate. Just because something costs more, doesn’t mean it’s worth more. The key is to balance the value with what you’re willing to pay. The real trick is being willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new to find that balance.

Ask your friends for a recommendation. Compare prices. Try a sample. Get a competitive quote.

Just don’t delude yourself into thinking you can’t save money if you want something worthwhile. High price doesn’t always mean high value. And, sometimes a good deal is actually priceless.

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