Best DIY Projects of the Week


party favor ideas
Surprisingly the usually sunny city of Denver has been pretty gloomy lately so I was happy to come across colorful and cheery projects around the web this week. You’ll be happy when you see them too, especially the geometric favor boxes.

  • Paper Bullet Bunting 1 of 13
    Paper Bullet Bunting
    A cool alternative to the traditional triangle bunting.
    Click here for the tutorial from A Subtle Revelry
  • Homemade Playdough 2 of 13
    Homemade Playdough
    I know homemade playdough isn't anything new but I'm impressed with the vibrant colors that Jenny created. Learn her secret!
    Click here for the tutorial from Jenny on Hello Bee
  • Pom Scarf 3 of 13
    Pom Scarf
    Scarves make even your plainest outfit cuter. The neon poms are a perfect touch.
    Click here for the tutorial from Purl Bee
  • Paper Topiary 4 of 13
    Paper Topiary
    I love topiaries but I'm not confident in my green thumb skills. A paper version is a good alternative.
    Click here for the tutorial from The House That Lars Built
  • Geometric Wedges 5 of 13
    Geometric Wedges
    Adding a little pattern is a great way to update and customize a favorite pair of shoes.
    Click here for the tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey
  • Kid Table 6 of 13
    Kid Table
    Kids table can be surprisingly expensive but this cute one was built for only about $30. Score!
    Click here for the tutorial from Strawberry Chic
  • Stamp Set 7 of 13
    Stamp Set
    Stamping isn't just a camp craft anymore. Make your own geometric designs for a modern look.
    Click here for the tutorial from ISLY
  • Neon Wood Magnets 8 of 13
    Neon Wood Magnets
    Replace the ugly pizza place promotional magnet on your fridge with one of these hip ones.
    Click here for the tutorial from Swoon Studio
  • Reclaimed Wood Wall 9 of 13
    Reclaimed Wood Wall
    I know wood paneling seems so dated but this cool update used in small doses is very cool.
    Click here for the tutorial on Apartment Therapy
  • Clay Ring Dish 10 of 13
    Clay Ring Dish
    My jewelry is helplessly disorganized. This small bowl is a cute way to keep it safe.
    Click here for the tutorial from Honestly WTF
  • Geometric Favor Boxes 11 of 13
    Geometric Favor Boxes
    It wouldn't even matter what you put in these favor boxes, they're cool just by themselves.
    Click here for the tutorial from Hey Look on Ruffled
  • Bead Necklace 12 of 13
    Bead Necklace
    I love the multi strand look of this necklace. It would be a great project to tackle while watching your favorite TV shows.
    Click here for the tutorial from Andrea on Design Mom
  • String Tie Envelopes 13 of 13
    String Tie Envelopes
    I love this style of envelope and I'm so happy I now know how to make my own.
    Click here for the tutorial from Minieco

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