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friendship bracelet
Polka dot cheese boxes, colorful pumpkins and a gold party chair – oh my! Time to get your craft on with one (or multiple) of these tutorials that are topping my faves this week.

  • Cheese Box 1 of 14
    Cheese Box
    I would put cake in mine.
    From Hello Sandwich
  • Friendship Bracelet 2 of 14
    Friendship Bracelet
    An update on a classic.
    From Whirly Bird
  • Mini Owls 3 of 14
    Mini Owls
    Make a few for a mobile.
    From The Crafts Department
  • Knee Patch Tights 4 of 14
    Knee Patch Tights
    You could even make them in fun shapes for little girls.
    From 3191 Miles Apart
  • Canvas Prints 5 of 14
    Canvas Prints
    A great way to frame your photos.
    From A Beautiful Mess
  • Party Chair 6 of 14
    Party Chair
    It's gold and shiny!
    From Aesthetic Outburst
  • Pine Cone Garland 7 of 14
    Pine Cone Garland
    Fall festive.
    From Cake Events
  • Repurposed Jars 8 of 14
    Repurposed Jars
    Granola is a perfect gift this time of year.
    From Honeysuckle
  • Knotted Quilt 9 of 14
    Knotted Quilt
    Just like the ones that are popular right now.
    From Classy Clutter
  • Shadow Puppets 10 of 14
    Shadow Puppets
    Mix and match for funny creatures.
    From Mer Mag
  • Repackaged Candy Favors 11 of 14
    Repackaged Candy Favors
    Making simple candy look pretty.
    From Oh Happy Day
  • Flag Drink Stirrers 12 of 14
    Flag Drink Stirrers
    These could work for cupcake toppers too.
    From Somewhere Splendid
  • Rope Bracelet 13 of 14
    Rope Bracelet
    Made from a JCrew shopping bag!
    From Sideoats and Scribbles
  • Painted Pumpkin 14 of 14
    Painted Pumpkin
    So fun and colorful!
    From Annily Green

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