Best DIY Projects Of The Week!


This week’s DIY project roundup seriously blew my mind. Such creative people out there in the blog-o-sphere. Enjoy!

  • Paper Strip Wreath 1 of 12
    Paper Strip Wreath
    This is such a simple and perfect wreath for kids. Seriously, I want to make 10.
    See more here on Mer Mag.
  • Glitter Ball Garland 2 of 12
    Glitter Ball Garland
    Pretty glitter ball garlands. You can't have too many garlands, right?
    See more here on Hank & Hunt.
  • Ornament Pinatas 3 of 12
    Ornament Pinatas
    Pinatas at Christmas? Yes!
    See more here on Studio DIY.
  • Let it Snow Banner 4 of 12
    Let it Snow Banner
    Even though I am completely against snow, this banner is pretty cute.
    See more here on The Proper Pinwheel.
  • Diamond Marshmallows 5 of 12
    Diamond Marshmallows
    A fun way to glam up your hot coco.
    See more here on Hank & Hunt.
  • Felted Acorns 6 of 12
    Felted Acorns
    Tiny colorful acorns. Make ornaments, a garland, you name it!
    See more here on Honestly WTF.
  • Ice Lanterns 7 of 12
    Ice Lanterns
    This is such a gorgeous and fun idea. Makes winter even prettier!
    See more here on The House of Lars.
  • Mountain Pillow 8 of 12
    Mountain Pillow
    Who doesn't need a pillow shaped like a mountain? No one!
    See more here on Design Sponge.
  • Cat Toy 9 of 12
    Cat Toy
    For all of you cat lovers, try these beautiful toys for your feline friends.
    See more here on Design Sponge.
  • Santa Plates 10 of 12
    Santa Plates
    This is a great craft to do with the kiddos. So fun!
    See more here on Small Fry.
  • Honeycomb Ornaments 11 of 12
    Honeycomb Ornaments
    I love honeycomb. It's texture makes everything that much more fun.
    See more here on Studio DIY.
  • Magazine Tree 12 of 12
    Magazine Tree
    A classic project. Always fun and pretty.
    See more here on Freshly Picked.

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