Black Friday Shopping List Printable


You guys, Black Friday is just 25 days away! That’s 25 days to the Bargain Shopper Superbowl. Everything I’ve done all year long was just practice for the big day. November 23rd, you are mine!

It’s chaotic, it’s crowded, it’s exciting — and it’s entirely too easy to get caught up in the hype and overspend. Which defeats the whole purpose.

The key, just like grocery shopping, is to stick to a list and your budget.

Starting right about now, I carefully consider everyone on my shopping list and starting jotting down ideas, including a budget for each gift. As the Black Friday preview ads begin to appear, I’ll fill my in my list with specific items, stores and sale prices.

The list I use is available as a printable shopping guide on Inexpensively so you can create your own Black Friday guide. The hardest part is sticking to the list, but I’m pretty good at it. If it isn’t on my list, it just isn’t in my cart! Things are so crazy on Black Friday that if it isn’t on the list, I’m not likely to notice it anyway.

How do you keep your budget under control for the holidays?

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