Broken DVDs? Disney to the Rescue!


Whoa! I just saw the greatest money saving tip for parents EVER at Gourmified, thanks to Pinterest. (OMG—how awesome is Pinterest?)

Did you know Disney will replace your broken DVDs?

I cannot begin to tell you how many of the girls’ beloved DVDs have been destroyed because they are careless with their things.

And, yes, I totally get that it’s their own fault, but that doesn’t stop the tears or restore my sanity on a day when Cinderella is the only thing that allows me to get anything done.

So, we learn to do without or fork over the money for another copy. Turns out? We’ve been throwing money away! Instead of sending those DVDs out with the garbage, I could have sent them to Disney as part of the Disney DVD replacement program.

Simply mail your broken DVD with Disney’s disc replacement form and a check for $6.95 ($8.95 for Blu-ray replacement), then wait a few weeks for the new one to arrive! (Lisa reports her replacement took just two weeks.) For added protection, be sure to install the digital copy that comes with Disney DVDs, so you’ll always have a way to watch your child’s favorites.

Tangled is getting quite a bit of play around here, but I think Cinderella will always be the girls’ favorite Disney movie. They even love the sequels, and now I have a way to replace our constantly skipping Cinderella II. What is the current favorite at your house these days?

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