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cardboard castle
Have you heard of the site, Built By Kids? It’s filled with projects that are (you guessed it) built by kids, with kids and for kids. Since winter is inching closer and more of the day will be spent inside, it’s the perfect time to gather up ideas for those “I’m bored” moments. I’m especially loving this chic, cardboard castle made pretty with neon duct tape. Check out a few more kid-friendly projects below.

  • A-frame tent 1 of 5
    A-frame tent
    Every kid loves a fort. Find the tutorial here.
  • Chic cardboard castle 2 of 5
    Chic cardboard castle
    If you have some boxes lying around, this is a perfect rainy Saturday project. Find the tutorial here.
  • Kinetic marble track 3 of 5
    Kinetic marble track
    You might have to remember your high school physics lessons for this one. Find the tutorial here.
  • Cardboard rocket 4 of 5
    Cardboard rocket
    Have a kid obsessed with Buzz Lightyear? Here's a project for you. Find the tutorial here.
  • Outdoor swing 5 of 5
    Outdoor swing
    A swing for two! Find the tutorial here.

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