Buy This, Not That: New Uses for Your Groceries


I’ve been shopping the baby aisle for 15 years now. My “baby” is six, but it’s a hard habit to break. Especially when baby products can double as beauty products, at a fraction of the cost. I’ve also found a few other grocery items with multiple uses. It’s so much smarter to find an off-label use for a less expensive product.

Here are a few of my favorite double duty groceries:

Eye Makeup Remover Baby Oil Gel: Baby oil is gentle enough to use around the eye but costs way less than expensive makeup removers. I’ve also been known to use a baby wipe, J&J washcloths for my face!

Woolite for Delicates Baby Shampoo: Hand wash delicates with baby shampoo — it’s gentle, smells great, and may already be on hand.

Shaving Cream Conditioner: I haven’t bought shaving cream in years, at least for myself. Conditioner protects against nicks and razor burn, and I don’t have to buy anything new. It’s already right there in the shower. It doesn’t even take much at all.

Shoe Deodorizer Baby Powder: Gym shoes, cleats, knee pads — we have some stinky, sporty girls around here. Baby powder is a lot cheaper than fancy foot powders and freshens up the smelly shoes just as well.

Window Cleaner Vinegar: Vinegar isn’t just for Easter eggs! I use a variety of homemade cleaners, but straight up vinegar works especially well on windows. Save on paper towels, too, by using a much more frugal coffee filter. It offers a no streak wipe for glass and mirrors.

What is your favorite off-label use for your groceries?

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