Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Handmade Olympics


I’ve just caught wind of the 2012 Handmade Olympics! What fun!! But we’ve only got 3 more days to cast our votes for your favorite handmade projects and blogs. These handmade Olympic games are held over at the The Rik Rak Shop, a great place to find cool handmade ideas (plus I love rik-rak!)

With fabulous judges and amazing projects, I just wish I would have known about this when it began so I could have entered. We’re going to have to put it on our calendars for next year (hopefully it’s not only held every 4 years 😉 But go support those who are involved and who’ve shared their handmade awesomeness!

Here’s the details for each event:

There are 7 events being held:

They make it so easy to vote. Simply click on the form at the bottom of each event page. (see rules for details on voting)

Head on over to see all the fun DIY handmade madness for this fun competition.



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