Clean, Organized Entry: Just Add Rugs


Our new entryway turned out pretty well a few months ago. It’s organized, colorful, and a big part of my morning exit strategy.

But, on my last visit to Home Depot, I spotted the perfect finishing touch — a brown striped door mat. The color was perfectly matched to our cubby system. Plus, the textured style was unique enough to suit us.

Not only do they give the entryway a more finished look, but the polypropylene mat is far more superior at trapping the junk we drag in from the outside.

I’ve had welcome rugs before, but they mostly just soaked up the wetness while leaves and dirt followed us all over the house. These rugs finally allow us to scrape our feet, while still looking amazing. I’m sweeping the foyer a little less and complaining about dirt upstairs a lot less.

I’m also completely floored that something so simple can make that much of a difference. I just didn’t realize there was anything missing, until I added the rugs. Just add rugs — and everything is better!

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