Couponing for Adventure


We all know clipping coupons can save a lot of money on your grocery bill. You’re probably aware of the amazing saving power of daily deal site coupons. And, I’m loving the digital savings of e-coupons & iPhone apps.

But, there’s more to couponing than just saving money!

It is through coupons that I have discovered some of my favorite things. Most notably, the amazing tool every mother should own (in bulk!) — the Magic Eraser. Seriously, do you have one? It’s gotten Sharpie off the wall, nail polish off the table, and things I can’t even name off the tile floors. All because of a coupon.

I got my first Magic Eraser for free, years ago, courtesy of a $1 intro sale and a $1 coupon. I’ve also used coupons to try new toothbrushes, different flavors of our snacks, a laundry detergent I’d never used, and so much more. Much of the time, these items become some of my top purchases later. And, I never would have tried them at all if it weren’t for a coupon.

I’m just not that adventurous, you see, but it’s hard to turn down a free toothbrush or half price laundry detergent. And, so it goes that I now rely on coupons to introduce me to my grocery store’s latest offerings. The newspaper inserts often offer coupons on the newest varieties and products before they’re even out in the store — so it’s couponers who are first to know.

We’re just kind of cool like that. So, what has been your favorite discovery from couponing?

Photo Credit: Hot Coupon World

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