Create a Springtime Banner with Potato Printing


Spring is in the air, hooray! I’m ready for the flowers to bloom and sun to shine. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. So today I thought it would be fun to create a banner for my mantle to bring in spring!

To help with the creation of the banner, I’m using potatoes. They are a great tool for stamping and printing. They soak up the paint so well and stamp it down on fabric or paper perfectly.

For the fabric triangles and yellow ribbon, I’m reusing the banner I made for fall. This is a great way to cut down on so much home decor clutter by reusing what you’ve already got. Now my banner is two in one!

Here’s the full tutorial to make a Springtime Banner with Potato Printing!


1. Add paint to your paper plates. You can mix colors if you’d like.

2. Dip your potato into your paint. I also squirted a few other colors onto the potato to create a colored Easter egg.

3. Press your potato well onto the fabric triangle and remove it. If it didn’t give enough paint, press it again, carefully lining it up to it’s original place.

4. I also created a few flowers for the banner as well. I used very small potatoes for this, with a green center and pink and yellow petals.

Here is a small Easter egg.

Here is a striped stamped painted potato to create a Easter egg.

5. Let the paint dry completely and hang it up under a door frame or mantle.

Have fun crafting for spring!


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