Create Your Own Fabric With Spoonflower!


I am looking to make a new slipcover for my couch for the Winter months and can’t find exactly what I want in terms of a pattern.

Luckily there is a really amazing site — Spoonflower that allows me to create my own design, upload it to their site and have it made into fabric for my project. And if I want, I can even sell my fabric through their site. How cool is that??

I love Spoonflower and have ordered some fabric from them before. I covered a magnet board in my kitchen with this whimsical Let’s Ride bicycle fabric from their site. I love that the fabric on Spoonflower is different than any you will see at a fabric store. There are hundreds of patterns and designs. You can also search the site according to your color or pattern preferences. It’s fabulous!

And I love that supporting Spoonflower is supporting up-and-coming artists!! Be sure to check out Spoonflower and see all of the amazing fabric choices. Plus, Spoonflower has a blog where they have giveaways, contests and great information!


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